Album Covers pt.13 Sun Moon Worship

Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 6:49 PM
Sun and Moon images play an important role in many esoteric pieces of artwork. These are but a few examples of how subtly they integrate these themes in.

Album Covers pt.12 The Technology Agenda

at 6:42 PM
All of these covers assist in pushing the idea that technology is humane or that being human can be advanced by technology. It gives emotion to objects and takes humanity away from individuals.


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Album Covers pt.11 MK Ultra Project Monarch

at 6:08 PM

Fan made Cover for Britney Spears Circus. But they do not know how close to reality they were
in depicting Britney in her guilded birdcage.

Many of the Female artists are depicted either behind bars, wearing prison stripes or in the case of Gwen Stefani... BOTH! Is this indicating their being "imprisoned" by the entertainment industry itself?

Katy Perry Displays heavy programming in all of her work. She is consistantly surrounded by butterflies, Disney themes and other known MK Ultra/Monarch triggers. Here she is seen in her Sex Cat alter personna.

Jennifer lopez and Beyonce are put in the SAME butterfly dress to
indicate their Monarch Slave status. You will see Beyonce mirror many themes that are
used elsewhere to embed those themes in our consciousness.