Album Covers pt.3 Black Red and White Theme

Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 12:07 PM
Does anyone else find it strange that this color scheme is used repeatedly on many different album covers that cover many different music generes? I will place some I found here. I'm placing many of them just to prove the point that this is not by mere chance that the covers are designed this way.

If you view the video for Janet Jackson's feedback song, you will see several interesting things. See if you can pick out the hidden subliminal messages here. Expecially at the end of the song.

Didn't see anything? Well let's see what Janet herself said about this particular video. (The background colors being exclusively red, black and white throughout, if you didn't notice that either). Taken from wikipedia Link to Article Jackson described the video as a metaphor for sexual tension. The fourth chapter, "Behind the video", shows the making of the video itself. Jackson told the director that she wanted a futuristic, moody concept, and he came up with the idea of jumping between planets.
So.. hmmm a metaphor for sexual tension? I think you can re-watch the video and figure it out from there.




Can you honestly say that all of this is an accident?


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